Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sea Frames For Sale At BirdRock Surf Shop

If you're ever in the neighborhood of La Jolla stop on by to BirdRock Surf Shop.  It's a fun store with a sandwich/smoothie shop attached.  I've had a wrap there and it was delish!!  I have Sea Frames there for sale along with my hunny's art!  Pick up a print or frame, have a bite and enjoy some sunshine while sitting outside!  Friendly staff and yummy food.

Here are some pics of the SeaFrames.  They were so fun to create.  I loved adding a bit of vintage and bling to them to showcase the main star...the shells.  I have always loved shells/ starfish and think they are just beautiful on their own also.  But me, being me, has to take it to the next level and layer frames, mirrors, velvet, chain and vintage jewelry to create a one of a kind shell showcase!  Hope you enjoy.
Here are some more.  I love putting them in groups. Notice the little mermaid at the bottom?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Time flies...

     Where has the time gone??  I have sorely neglected my blog.  In my defense I have been quite a busy girl :).  I have still been creating and will be posting many many pics in the next month.  But having going through a divorce, getting my esthetician's license, dating and now being engaged to the most awesome man..well the blog fell through the cracks.
     Speaking of my awesome soon to be hubby..he's a fantastic artist and his art and my "SeaFrames" are being sold at the BirdRock Surf Shop in La Jolla, California.  He is a Cali guy and I am soon to be half Zonie half Cali :).  Steve's blog is ...Check it out.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bohemian Soiree

What a fabulous time we had at Domestic Bliss's Bohemian Soiree. Here are some pics of our booth. Many a swanky item. We have items still available.
The peacock blue tiered round table is a perfect accent to add a splash of color. It is distressed with a cream color showing through and antiqued all over. Lovely. $150.00.
The cane back chair would be great for a desk or as an accent chair. It is painted celery green and antiqued. The seat is plush golden brown and accented with pinky/red and gold trim. $90.00.
The desk (shown at top)can double as an entry table or sofa table. It has a big pull out drawer. The top is distressed apple green with cream showing underneath. The body and legs are cream and distressed to perfection. $125.00
Our friend April makes those delicious pillows shown on the chair. They are $40.00 and to die for. The detail is amazing with the embroidery, crystals, and trim.
See our sister site to check out the other items shown.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Vintage China Tiers

I love China plates...I love the intricate patterns and colors. I especially love mis-matched china. Use these tiers for your little garden or tea party with the girls. They are great for cupcakes, cookies, and chocolates...what more could a girl want? I keep mine out all the time with a candle displayed on top or keep some sweets out for guests.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Have a seat!

This pretty chair would love to be in your home! Perfect for a little desk, girl's room, or vanity chair. It has a cane back and a comfy padded seat. I painted it cream and antiqued it in all the right places. I recovered the chair with a sturdy yet pretty grey-blue fabric with tan accents. Completly lovely!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Table Ideas

Don't you just love it when you accomplish a huge task? Here are some pics of my kitchen table and chairs. I've wiped off the blood, sweat, and tears so they look prettier! It took awhile to find the four fun mis-matched chairs and a great pedestal table but I think it was worth the wait. I painted the table with cream and robin's egg blue undertones with a antiqued green apple finish. The chairs are all painted cream and antiqued. Even though they are different styles painting them the same finish unifies the space.

On the table is an awesome, colorful, and vintage tv tray. I accented the tray with a petite china tier dome, bird's nest in a pink cut crystal cup, and a wire and crystal cage. Everything is available except the wire cage.

Dazzle with Domes

I love mixing china patterns, cut glass, and crystal, thus these beauties were born! The petite stand can be used anywhere. Put your rings under the glass and hang bracelets over the top to decorate your vanity, place some delicious truffles inside and give it to a special friend or use it to decorate the tight spots above or under cabinets. The medium china pedestals would be great for cookies or cupcakes. Each piece is unique and lovely! Utter delight!