Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sea Frames For Sale At BirdRock Surf Shop

If you're ever in the neighborhood of La Jolla stop on by to BirdRock Surf Shop.  It's a fun store with a sandwich/smoothie shop attached.  I've had a wrap there and it was delish!!  I have Sea Frames there for sale along with my hunny's art!  Pick up a print or frame, have a bite and enjoy some sunshine while sitting outside!  Friendly staff and yummy food.

Here are some pics of the SeaFrames.  They were so fun to create.  I loved adding a bit of vintage and bling to them to showcase the main star...the shells.  I have always loved shells/ starfish and think they are just beautiful on their own also.  But me, being me, has to take it to the next level and layer frames, mirrors, velvet, chain and vintage jewelry to create a one of a kind shell showcase!  Hope you enjoy.
Here are some more.  I love putting them in groups. Notice the little mermaid at the bottom?

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